Abandoned and left alone in a foreclosed house with his siblings, Naki’o, a Red Heeler cattle dog, was found nearly dead when rescuers came across his body, frozen into a puddle. But he miraculously survived, and was going to live to see another day.

But then came the hard part. All four of Naki’o’s paws required amputation, and half of his tail, and parts of his nose and right ear were also removed due to severe frostbite. Life was getting increasingly difficult for poor little Naki’o.

And at A Puppy’s Voice in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Heelr and his siblings were being cared for, and brought back to complete health. And he even made a friend. Christie Pace, a veterinary surgeon.

Pace had visited the shelter looking for a puppy to adopt, and found Naki’o (whom the shelter had named Stubby) and she fell in love with him instantly.

Naki’o, who was only four pounds when he was taken home with Pace, was capable to move his weight around on his stubs. But as he started to grow, movement became increasingly harder.

No amount of surgery would fix Naki’o, and so Pace began looking into prosthetics, so he would be able to walk again. So by the help of clients and friends, Pace was able to raise enough money for a single boot for Naki’o. But she later realized she had just enough.

OrthoPets, a company that makes custom orthotic and prosthetic devices for pets, did something remarkable for Pace and her adorable little pup. They donated 3 other boots for him.

“He looked like a baby deer getting up to walk for the first time. Then he realized he could go anywhere he wanted! So he had his first walk. down the street. He even broke the hinges off his front prosthetics because he ran so fast and took a sharp turn,” said Pace.

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