After dropping into a 70-meter-deep well, you would think that the dog would have been killed, or severely injured. But not this pup. Kuyu the puppy has been stuck there for 10 days. And no rescue mission had been successful, until this one.

Students from Bahcesehir Science and Technology High School have created a robotic arm in an attempt at rescuing the puppy. Turkish Coal Institute teams have also contributed their efforts to help save the puppy.

And the robotic arm proved to be successful in the rescue of the little pooch, who had been given food and water everyday to help him survive.

Kuyu was then adopted by the Beykoz Fire Crew after receiving medical examinations, which had show that he was fine, and was healthy.

For 10 days, no one gave up trying to rescue the little puppy, and because of that, he is now safe and sound in a good home with their fire company.

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