Just as no two snowflakes are alike, the same thing holds true for pets. And sometimes, this results in some adorable pets with really awesome markings like this dog Lucy!

Lucy is a white and black spotted dog from Lollypop Farm, a humane society in New York. Lucy was part of a liter born to a stray dog who was rescued and brought to the farm. And the staff noticed as Lucy grew, the markings on her ear began to resemble her adorable little face!

They couldn’t believe how cute it was, and she was known as the selfie dog, as it really does look like a selfie on her ear.

Being born during the ‘selfie’ age, having this marking on her ear seemed appropriate, and makes this adorable little pup even cuter, if that is even possible!

And the shelter has said that as soon as she was up for adoption, she found her forever home! We are so thankful she was adopted, cause who wouldn’t want to adopt this dog, and get to see her cute face everyday?

This story may be short, but it was just too cute not to share with the Gladwire community! And we hope you thoroughly enjoyed it as we did!

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Article via iheartdogs.com