How do you feel about your best friend? You would probably do anything for him/her until “the day I die”, wouldn’t you? It gets especially hard when we aren’t ready to say goodbye to our closest companion, but that doesn’t put an end to the loyalty.

For two years a dog named Cesur and a human named Mehmet Ilhan spent virtually all of their time together. They were brought close by a paralyzing illness that kept Mehmet immobile for the last several years. Then one grim and terrible day, Mehmet could no longer hold on.

When he died, the reaction of his best friend has stirred our hearts in an incredible way.

Cesur never left his friend’s body until he was buried. While Mehmet was in the hospital for the last few days until the sickness took him, Cesur lost his appetite and completely stopped eating.

When he died and they brought his body back home to await the funeral, Cesur stood by the coffin, never moving.

Then the procession came. They picked up the casket and Cesur immediately jumped to the front of the line to lead the way.

This picture from the ceremony absolutely breaks my heart. You can feel his pain. He stood by during the ceremony and right up to when they put his best friend in the ground. Hopefully, the opportunity to be there gave him some closure.

Now he stays with Mehmet’s son, Ali. Ali says that every day during the week following the funeral when he would leave for work, he saw Cesur dart out of the house. The dog would book it off somewhere, then return later.

Finally, curiosity got the best of him so he had to see what Cesur was up to. He “left for work” the next day, then when the dog ran out of the house, Ali followed him. This led him to the gravesite of his father.

The cemetery workers said that first thing every morning Cesur would show up to pay respects to his best friend. Today, Ali paid respects right there with him.

No matter how long it takes Cesur to heal from his loss, Ali says he won’t have to do it alone. He has always been a noble animal making him the most loyal companion.

“He will live with me from now on,” Ali said.

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