It was just like every other night at the convenience store in Tacoma, Washington.  But then his work shift took a shocking and disturbing turn.

Bruce Dean watched a woman walk into his store and he could tell that she was in a panic.  She appeared nervous and rushed when she asked him for a piece of paper and pen.

The next thing he knew, the women passed him a note across the counter. . .

“Can you call 911,” she scribbled. She also wrote down her license plate number, “DV,” signifying “domestic violence,” and “Baby in car.”

The woman then hurried out the door and she hoped that Bruce would do something that would rescue her.

Thankfully, Bruce acted.  He called 911 and relayed the woman’s information to the police.

The sheriff’s deputy was able to track down the vehicle and the police uncovered the terrifying truth.

The woman was the girlfriend of a dangerous sex offender named Mark Vauckas.  He had threatened to kill her and harm her child in the past.  Following an abusive attack, Valuckas told her to take a ride with him so he could “calm her down.”

Police found a baseball bat and a knife in the car.

Because of the quick and courageous actions of Bruce Dean, this man was caught before another horrendous crime was committed.