Agatha Christie once said, “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”

A mother has proven that with her life, giving it away so her child might live despite the torrential floods surrounding the city of Beaumont, Texas.

Rescuers spent countless hours searching the area for survivors and bodies alike. The death toll continues to rise as Hurricane Harvey dips back inland as a tropical storm, heading into south west Louisiana.

Roughly half a mile from major Interstate 10, a group of rescuers spotted a little pink backpack just barely visible above the surface of the murky water.

That’s when they looked closer to find the heart-wrenching truth, a little girl clinging for dear life to the body of her deceased mother.

Rescuers realized that they would have to act swiftly because the pair was dangerously close to being swept under a trestle, which would make getting to them nearly impossible.

They piloted a Zodiac rescue boat in position and grabbed the girl, shivering and soaked to the bone, but now safe.

Major flooding destroys much of south east Texas. Photo Source: WHDH

Parked on what little dry land was left, an ambulance sat a distance away. The rescuers could not get their boat to a rendezvous point with it until a kindly volunteer offered his truck.

He plowed through murky depths, water that had moved its unwelcome way into unfamiliar territory, and brought the girl to safety inside the emergency vehicle.

They took her to a hospital nearby, where medical staff discovered she suffered from a bit of hypothermia, but otherwise was left unharmed.

Her mother, however, gave up her own life while trying to get her little girl to somewhere safe.

Beaumont Police Officer Hailey Morrow said that they are unclear as to why the mother left her vehicle during the downpour of the tropical storm.

It appeared she drove along a service road adjacent to the highway when she stopped, got out with her three-year-old daughter, and must have gotten tripped up in a ditch she couldn’t tell was there.

Before she knew it, she was being swept away in the rushing currents. The girl clung to her dead mother’s body for roughly an hour before the team was able to come to her aid.

It’s a terrible story but Officer Hailey’s comment on the mother’s commitment to her child leaves us with chills.

“It’s a true statement to a mother’s will, that motherly instinct we hear about, her will to save her child’s life.”

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Article via: LA Times