Sadly, animals are left and abandoned all the time. And animal rescuers Erica Mahnken and her fiancé Michael Favor, get to see these tragedies play out almost everyday.

But there is this specific day that they will never forget. The day they received a call about a dog left in an abandoned “crack house” without food, water, and electricity for at least 2 days.

“We didn’t think about it — we just ran and got her and said we’ll figure out what we were going to do after we got her out of there,” said Mahnken.

They had no where to house the shivering dog, so later, they finally contacted some firefighter friends from a Lower East Side FDNY, “Fort Pitt.”

The firefighters used to house a Rottweiler, and were happy when they received the call about temporarily housing a year old pit bull. But 3 days later, Mahnken received a call from the fire department, one she was not expecting.

They called her up, asking if they could adopt the pit bull, whom they named Ashley, Ash for short. And as expected, Mahnken said “Yes!”

“My heart wants to explode. Everyone’s so quick to judge a dog, especially a dog you don’t know where it came from or what kind of person they are and what kind…It is very satisfying,” remarked Mahnken.

Ashley now even has her own Instagram account, she hangs out with the crew in the kitchen, and even accompanies the firefighters when they respond to a call. She even has her own little spot on the fire truck!

When Ash was first rescued, she was about 25 pounds underweight according to veterinarians, and now, she weighs 50 pounds and is on her way to being a perfectly happy and healthy pup!

We are so excited for Ash and her new home, and we thank Mahnken and Favor for rescuing her, and we thank the fire department for taking her in and adopting her.

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