Pit bulls. The moment you read those words you immediately have an opinion. It might be a good opinion, it might be a bad opinion, or it might be indifferent. Unfortunately, many people only consider these dogs to be ‘dangerous.’ The truth is, these dogs are only as dangerous as how the owner treats them.

Hopefully we can prove that with the following story…

The Mercy Animal Clinic recently obtained a Pit bull nicknamed Pittie. The pup was found on the side of the road nursing an infant. The weird part was Pittie wasn’t nursing another dog, but a kitten!

When the two were inspected, the clinic realized the kitten was no older than 10 days and at that age, she wouldn’t have survived without the help of Pittie. In the video below, you will see why that kitten survived…because of Pittie’s love.

If you need proof that Pit Bulls aren’t naturally loving, then this video is for you. Don’t forget to SHARE Pittie’s story with your friends and family!