JayJay Murray started another roofing job with his company in London. There was plenty of work to do as they had to get all the materials together, gather tools and equipment, and of course put their minds to the task.

Near to where the crew was working stood a beautiful local park, quite typical of that sort of area, but lovely nonetheless. Here they found a person that wasn’t at the park for exercise or to clear his mind. Actually, the man was in the park because he slept on a bench.

They felt human compassion towards the homeless man so they brought him a nice hot cup of tea early in the morning. After conversing with him for a short time and learning his name to be John, they offered him the opportunity to help them with their work the next day. They left him to enjoy his tea but were pleasantly surprised when they arrived on-site the next day.

The homeless man was already there, eagerly waiting to get started. JayJay and his team set to work only to be surprised yet again. John not only stayed and worked really hard all day long, but he did it with gratitude and joy. He was clearly really happy to have the opportunity to work.

They even bought him a hearty lunch from the local Burger King, before sending him on his way. When they asked John how much he thought would be fair pay for his work, he said £15 could be enough to get him through the week. But the boys thought he deserved more than that.

They gathered money among themselves and collected £70 to give to John for his efforts, who returned the gesture by asking when he could come back and work again. John’s work ethic and attitude really opened the eyes of his colleagues.

JayJay wrote about his experience with John on social media. He said that nobody willing to work should be living on the streets.

“Keep going John got to be something good around the corner.”

He recalled John’s reaction to the way he was treated by the roofers.

“Thanks brothers its the most love I’ve ever had,” John told them. JayJay and his crew did more than just provide a meal for the homeless man. They gave him self-worth and the opportunity to make something for himself. I hope this story gets out locally and more business owners give John an opportunity to work for them.

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Article via: LADBIBLE.COM