They felt like their puppy was just too depressed, so the owners just decided to throw the little dog away like garbage.  This puppy just needed love and some special care, but instead he was abandoned and set up to be euthanized.  The reason that the owners gave was that he just refused to play.


The puppy’s name is Simba and it wasn’t that the dog was depressed, he had something horribly wrong going on inside of his body.  Fortunately, Simba was rescued from a high kill shelter and brought to a doctor.  The vet soon realized that he had a tick on him.  Simba was suffering from a tick fever and some other sicknesses that totally sapped his energy.

Of course this puppy didn’t want to play.  His constant fever had taken away every ounce of pep in this puppy.  The doctors said that it was hard to believe that he managed to stand up and walk.

The doctors immediately set up Simba with a plan for health and recovery.  He has some work and time ahead of him before Simba is 100%, but he now has a foster family that will provide all he needs to become strong and even learn how to play again.  Then, it won’t be long before Simba gets a forever home that hopefully would never abandon him again!