When Emily Walker, a 22 year old Sainsbury employee hears that one of her most loyal customers was going to be all alone on Christmas, with no friends or family, she was heartbroken.

Walker invited the widower Mr Holmes, 86, on a date, that way he knew he wouldn’t have to be all alone during the holiday season. She just really wanted to keep him company.

The duo went on a date at the stores restaurant, and Holmes went overboard for the occasion by dressing up, and he even bought Emily flowers.

“He is without a shadow of a doubt my favorite customer. He is the cutest man and so chatty. I thought if it was my granddad and he was alone I would want someone to talk to him. I see him regularly now and we meet for coffee. It’s nice to be able to chat with him,” commented Walker.

Holmes’ wife passed away August of 2006 after being married for 45 years, and his daughter and two grandchildren now live in Australia, with little contact due to the distance.

We are so glad Emily invited him on a date, and we love that they are now such good friends.

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