If you see a mysterious box on the side of the road, what are the chances that you stop and see what’s inside? For me they’re probably slim. However, if you knew an animal was stuck inside the box, how would that change your view?

It breaks my heart when I heard stories of people leaving animals on the road or in boxes in the middle of nowhere. It’s animal cruelty and it’s not okay. If you get into a position where you can no longer handle the dog, the least you can do is take it to an animal shelter. Never, NEVER, just leave the animal somewhere.

The Michigan Humane Society was recently alerted of an event similar to those mentioned before. When they inspected the tip, the staff found a bunch of puppies in a plastic crate stuck in the snow. The puppies were kept alive by a second clear box on top of their box. It would be assumed that the clear box allowed sun to come in and warm the puppies.

When rescuers finally opened the box, they found five cute puppies cold and hungry. The dogs were then taken to a nearby facility where they had a chance to recover back to health. One of the puppies has since been adopted but the others are still up for adoption!

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