A lot of people think of millennials as spoiled and selfish. However, as with any group of people, it is impossible to paint an entire group of human beings with one brush. The three Polish teens in this video are an example of why you cannot do this. They show that people their age are just as capable of showing kindness and compassion as an adult, perhaps even more so.

There is video footage from last December of these three boys, named Wojtek, Szymon, and Marcin, walking down a Street located in the city of Nysa, which is located in southern Poland and coming across a homeless man. They asked him how they could help him, and the homeless man replied that it would be helpful to have a blanket that could keep him warm while he was on the park bench.

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The three boys then went all over town looking for a blanket. They ended up finding a person who was throwing away some old furniture, and a clean duvet and pillow on top of an old couch among the furniture.

After this, the three boys were caught on CCTV footage going back to the homeless man. They walked up, gently covered him with a blanket, and left him to sleep much warmer on the park bench. TVN24 says that these boys were invited to the mayor’s office for recognition. Security employees had seen the footage of them doing their good deed, and they thought that the boys should be rewarded. According to the Nysa city office, the man who was sleeping on the park bench is no longer homeless at this point.

The story is particularly heartwarming when you consider how self-centered most teenagers tend to be. This, of course, does not apply to all of them, as evidenced by these three boys, but many teenagers are just not at the point where they are able to show that kind of compassion for other people.

They are much more concerned with what society tells them to be concerned with, such as their mobile devices and everything that they are seeing on social media. However, these three boys proved that teenagers can be not only an inspiration to other teenagers but also an inspiration to people much older than they are.

There are many people who are completely grown-up who would never have considered doing what they did for this homeless man and would have just kept walking because whatever they felt they had to do at the moment would have been more important to them than helping out a stranger.

The black and white video that shows the good deed of these three Polish boys should serve as a lesson to people all over the place. People should learn not to judge others simply by their age, and they can also take a page out of these boys’ book and help out someone who is in dire need. It can actually end up being much more rewarding than a person would anticipate.

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Source: GoodNewsNetwork