Everyone loves a little lap dog. There’s something relaxing and comforting about them. They sometimes are even used for those specific purposes. Gizmo, an adorable little therapy dog, is just one of many who provide a comforting feeling to kids who are in need.

Gizmo is a therapy dog with Paws For Friendship, Inc. and the Hartford Public Library’s program “Paws To Read.”

This comforting pup visits students in the library, and provides comfort for kids who either have trouble reading out loud, or are just shy. His very presence gives them a sense of security and safety, and helps them feel secure by sitting on their laps while the children practice reading out loud.

Gizmo the therapy dog…

Even the shy kids seem to open up when Gizmo is around. One child’s mother stated that her child had been reprimanded in class for not practicing his words, so he hasn’t read out loud ever since, that is, until Gizmo came along. She got to witness her son reading out loud in front of other kids, and it brought tears to his mother’s eyes.

Dogs like Gizmo are so special, and we appreciate their comforting personalities. We love knowing that Gizmo is helping kids feel secure and able to read out loud and open up.

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