After working with a lot of specialty trained service dogs, I’ve come to learn that training a dog from birth is way more effective than training an older dog. Although this is great for training search and rescue dogs, this is horrible for all other dogs.

You see, older dogs don’t get adopted. Once they hit a certain point in life, people don’t want they old dogs. They have the notion that it will never be able to be trained or it won’t ever love you the way a younger dog will. Well, one man from Altoona, Pennsylvania would disagree with that statement.

3-year-old Golden retriever, Jackson, is proving that old dogs do learn new tricks. In the video below, Jackson is performing skills that I’ve rarely seen in a dog. What’s even crazier is that he was only adopted less than one month ago! This type of training and obedience normally takes months to accomplish, but not Jackson.

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