44-year-old, Guy Bowen, pulled a man out of an overturned vehicle on Croydon Road in near London yesterday.

Bowen was driving down the road when he spotted the flipped car on its side. It looked to have slid a good distance on the road before coming to a stop on the edge of the road.


As he got out of his vehicle, Bowen noticed a leg hanging out of the car’s window. Thankfully, the man had no serious injuries and Bowen was able to pull him out of the car.

Although he did rescue the man and was heroic in doing so, Bowen says, “I’m not a hero. Anyone would have done it.”


Ambulance crews stated that they treated one person at the scene and they were all minor injuries.  These injuries were miraculous with the extent of the collision.  If Bowen wouldn’t have gotten this man out as soon as he did, things could have gotten much much worse.

Heroes are everyday people in everyday places. Be a hero today!