We’ve heard the slogans so much, they’ve almost lost any meaning. . .”Make America Great Again” and “Stronger Together.”  With so much divisiveness around these slogans, it’s easy to lose a sense of hope.  Just when you may be at the end of your rope, there is a video like the one below that reminds us how strong America really is and how powerful we can be when we work together.

Credit: http://time.com

Witnesses saw the vehicle veer off a steep embankment after a two-car collision in Florida last weekend.  People rushed to the car trying to pull the driver from the SUV to safety, but the car was bursting into flames.  More people rushed to the SUV including two police officers.  They all worked frantically to get the man out of his car even as the flames leaped higher and higher.

Tom Sais, one of the heroes, crawled through the burning SUV’s back window and found the driver hanging upside-down.  “He kind of fell on top of me and slammed to the passenger side, and then I grabbed him and started pulling him,” he said.

Eventually, they pulled the man out, but were having a hard time getting him up the embankment and away from the burning vehicle.  Those from above were yelling for all of the rescuers to get away from the SUV because it was going to explode.  That’s when all of the heroes formed a human chain, locking arms, to pull the man to safety and away from the flames that soon would engulf the vehicle.

Shannon Perez captured the whole scene on video and said it was like watching a scene from a movie.  She said that at any moment it could have become a horrible, horrible scene.  But thanks to a group of strangers who became “Stronger Together,” the man was saved and only had minor injuries.

“Without a doubt, without the citizens, this would not have come out to a successful completion,” said Sgt. Steve Shytle of the Palm Bay Police Department.

Just when we are at the end of our rope, a human chain saves the day.  That’s pretty great America!