The car moved across the lanes of the highway slamming into walls like a pinball machine the motorcyclist who caught it all on video said. The driver, who must have suffered some kind of medical episode, was seen crisscrossing lanes of traffic and crashing into barriers before his Cadillac finally came to a stop after taking down a utility pole.


Mo Turknett was the motorcyclist who caught the scene on video. He could be seen following the sedan which was severely dented and with blown tires yelling for it to stop even though it was picking up speed on the highway. Mo said, “He was literally back and forth, you know, four lanes of traffic banging off of each wall.”

When the car finally stopped, Turknett and at least 12 other Good Samaritans pulled over and ran to the man trying to get him out of his smoking vehicle. They tried to help the dazed man until the paramedics arrived. The man was taken to a hospital but refused any treatment. The police were then forced to give him a ticket for reckless driving.


The driver, who did not want to be identified, was able to tell ABC News in a statement: “I want to thank everybody who helped me and may God bless every hand that touched me.”

You can watch this harrowing experience and the good people who came to this man’s rescue on the video below.