A stray cat has been stopping by a police department in Boston for nearly 3 years, but when she disappeared for a few months, they became worried, and decided to build her something to see if she would come back.

The police officers have been feeding and caring for the cat -“Swat Cat” as they named her- since 2013, but after she went missing, they decided to create her a house for her to come back.

They wanted to give her a place to relax while she was at the police department, so this was the best idea.

“Officer Jamie Pietroski, a 15-year veteran of the Boston Police Department, stayed late after work for several nights painstakingly preparing Swat Cat’s new home,” wrote the department on their website.

The condo for Swat Cat features a spacious interior layout, a deck, glass sliding doors which offer panoramic city views, according to the police. Since it has been set out and ready, Swat Cat has moved in, making it her own.

We are so thankful for the police who contributed to this little project for Swat Cat, and we hopes enjoys her new little home.

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