Todd Krieg and fiance Amanda Dieson just recently got engaged, but the surprises didn’t stop there. They also found out they are expecting, and will have a baby come August! And it truly is a miracle, because doctors told Krieg he may never have children of his own.

A few years ago, Todd was involved in a motocross accident, leaving him paralyzed from his waist down. Doctors worried he would never be able to have children, but now, he is proving them wrong.

The two got to know each other during treatment, as she was his therapist. The two hit things off, and the rest is history. And after some time, the two are finally expecting a baby, and couldn’t be happier.

The two recently released pictures announcing the pregnancy, and the pictures are emotional, yet funny with its dry humor. But we are so excited for the couple, and we wish all THREE of them the best!

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