Cars are one of the most dangerous forms of transportation because of the various other drivers on the road. Every day you step outside and get in your car, you are trusting that everyone will drive their vehicles correctly so they don’t cause an accident.

Jennifer Whitman found herself in a dangerous situation with his young child in the backseat. She was just crossing a set of train tracks when traffic abruptly stopped. Traffic was stopped from an obstacle ahead and there was a line behind her. She was stuck.

As Whitman looked right and then back left, she noticed the train barreling towards her. She couldn’t figure out what to do or where to go but that’s when Michael Gagliano came to her rescue. The teenager saw the danger and before even placing his car in park, he jumped out. His car gently ran into the one in front of him and he began guiding the woman.

He calmly but quickly gestured Whitman to a tight spot between his vehicle and the tracks. The car just barely missed being hit and Whitman even recalls feeling the vibrations of the train on her car because of how close it was.

The teen doesn’t think he did much, but Whitman credits him for saving both her life and her child’s life!

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