Zack Clements, of Brownwood, Texas was just like any other 17-year-old boy. He was involved in his school, had a family, and was probably healthier than most teens. But all that faded to black when he collapsed during gym class and went into cardiac arrest.

The teen, who attended Victory Life Academy, was pulseless for over 20 minutes. By medical standards he would have been considered legally dead. Zack laid lifeless on the ground as rescue workers began working relentlessly on him.

Then out of nowhere, Zack regained a normal pulse. Shortly after he was revived…

After spending three days in Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Zack woke up without any lasting effects. This is shocking considering how long he lacked oxygen and blood. Most people who experience death this long (which isn’t many people) will return with some sort of brain injury, but not Zack.

Adding to the surprise, Zach awoke with an experience unlike any other. An experience that made his entire story go viral. His parents were so taken back by his story they decided to record his response to what happened during those pulseless 20 minutes.

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