Sheldon Teague, 19, noticed that there was a fire in the building he was in early Tuesday morning, and knew he had to help others who were also there.

He had heard screaming form upstairs as he was in the basement, and went upstairs to go wake up his friends father. As they got upstairs, he noticed the black smoke coming from the ventilation. He put on his shoes, and noticed that there was fire coming from the bedroom.

He then proceeded to go around to the front, and saw that the flames had taken over the front of the house. He then kicked in the door and began yelling for whoever was inside to come towards him and his voice, because it was too dark for him to see.

He first tried to enter the house, but the smoke had stopped him. He went back out to get a flashlight, and took his friends phone and used it and went back into the house. He yelled to come towards the light, and he got down on all fours. And that is when he noticed there was someone in the middle of the hallway.

He only saw legs, but he crawled to the person and picked them up, and it turned out to be a little girl. He took her outside with others, and went to try and find more people, but it was too hot and smokey.

“I was just thinking, ‘There’s someone in there, dying right before my eyes, and I’m not going to sit back and wait for them to stop screaming, I want to make sure I can at least try and help them’ “ said Sheldon.

While he was still inside the house, he had been screaming for other people, trying to make his way through, but the firemen showed up, and he was told he had to get out.

He only got to save one person, but saving one is better than saving none. They were not able to rescue the others in time, and they were sadly found deceased.

“I wish I could have gotten, if not everyone, more people — but it was impossible,” commented Sheldon.

He is disappointed he wasn’t able to save more people, but is glad he was able to rescue one life. And we are too.

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