Do you remember what you were doing when you were 14 years old? You were probably hanging out with your friends, shopping, and playing games outside. You were probably even concerned about your middle school grades, or your crush, and if they liked you back. But not Abby Miller.

14 year old Abby is more concerned about whether her friend Taylor Love will survive. Taylor was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer, at just 18 months old. There is no known cure for this type of cancer. But Taylor is now 6 years old, and is still fighting.

When the two met, they instantly became best friends. They both share a love for music. Abby immediately became invested in helping Taylor battle cancer. So, Abby started recording videos of herself singing songs dedicated to Taylor and posting them on YouTube. So far, she has performed at 2 fundraisers for Taylor, and even has sang on the street for Taylor and cancer research.

After just 3 years of working hard to raise money for a cancer cure, and to help Taylor with medical bills, she has raised around $500,000!

“She has shown people all around the world, and I mean all around the world, that anyone can make a difference, no matter what you do. And Abby has made a tremendous difference in Taylor’s life,” said Taylor’s mom before Abby performed in front of her middle school during an assembly.

We are so proud of Abby and all she has done to help Taylor and her family, and even others by donating some of the money for cancer research. She is going to do big things for the world. And we hope that Taylor continues her battle with cancer with strength and never gives up hope!

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