You birthday only comes once a year, so you might as well make it an extra special day, right? That’s what we thought. And Sterlin Harmon did exactly that.

Sterlin recently turned 8 years old, and had the bright idea to turn his birthday party, into an on-site dog adoption opportunity, and let’s just say it was a HUGE hit!

Sterlin had invited his friends over to have some fun jumping on the trampolines at Urban Air Trampolines Park in Waco, Texas. But the fun didn’t stop there. He asked dogs from the Humane Society to be invited to the party as well, and of course, they were happy to oblige.

Tara Simons, Sterlin’s mother, was not surprised when her son told her that he wanted to have this type of party.

“Kids want to play with toys, watch cartoons, and play with their friend. Sterlin would rather be with animals. He loves them, wants to hang out with them, and be their best friend,” Simons said during an interview.


And the outcome? Five of the dogs that attended the party left with new owners. But the other dogs who weren’t as lucky, which was only 3, didn’t leave his party ‘empty-pawed’. Instead of presents, Harmon told his guests to bring blankets, food, and other items to donate to the shelter for these pooches.

We are so proud of what Harmon did for these furry little friends, and we hope that the ones who were adopted love their forever home, and the ones who weren’t, we hope they find their forever homes soon!

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