You’re driving down the highway when you come to a tractor-trailer rolled over on its side, on fire. What do you do?

That’s exactly the scenario that Corey Key found himself presented with. Traveling on I-75 near Jacksonville, Key made his way back from a business trip for his company, Duval Asphalt.

That’s when he witnessed a tractor-trailer blow out a tire and, due to the locomotion and weight of the rig, flip over sending fuel everywhere. It didn’t take long before flames began lapping up the spilled fuel from the ground around the truck, expediently engulfing the whole vehicle.

Key explained that the driver had been trapped. He couldn’t push the door open and crawl out of the wreck. Those doors are quite heavy. You find that out when all of the gravity is pushing down on it combining the weight of the door with a position it wasn’t designed to operate in.

Corey heaved the door open, holding it up. With the assistance of several other people, he pulled the driver out and away from the crash.  Key says that it’s true what you hear about adrenaline taking over in emergency situations. When the rush set it, he was able to climb right on top of the rig and go into emergency mode.

                                   Action hero Corey Key and his wife, Ashley

Though Key and the driver received burns, they both got away with minor injuries because of Corey’s fast action.

His coworkers said they are not at all surprised he acted the way he did. They said that he should be the one around the accident because he would jump right into action.

Corey’s boss gave him a full week off to recover from second-degree burns he acquired on his hands, arms, and face. However, everyone expects him to return in only a few days due to his work ethic.

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