I’ve met some people who are “Wounded Healers.”  They have gotten victory over brokenness and injustice and are now helping others gain their own victory.  But I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of a dog that was a “Wounded Healer.”  That is until I heard about Hudson, a beautiful gray pit bull who experienced unthinkable abuse and is now offering amazing healing to others.

Credit: http://catchfred.com

The cruelty Hudson received makes you wonder how vile people can become.  Hudson was just 3 weeks old when train workers found he and his siblings nailed to a set of railroad tracks.  One of the puppies did not survive and another was missing his toes.  Hudson needed the most healing.  He was found with his back-left foot completely severed.  It was life threatening for the little puppy.

But rescuers were able to save his life and give Hudson a prosthetic limb that has allowed him to walk and even run again.  Hudson has not only overcome his injustice, he is giving himself and his love to help comfort others as a therapy dog.

Watch him comfort and encourage the young and the old in this amazing video.  Please share this story with your friends.

(Warning:  the video contains vivid pictures of Hudson’s injury)