Phil Hagerich traded in his honor medals from the military for Boy Scout patches. When Phil retired he was a US Army Master Staff Sergeant. While he never traded in the sacrifice that he has made for his country as there isn’t a greater role than fighting for freedom, he just took on a new role after the old one ended.

Forty years ago when Phil’s first of four sons entered into the Boy Scouts, he made the commitment to them. After they received their Eagle Scout Merit badges, they may have moved on, but Phil didn’t.

He has been honoring the pledge since the very first son started in Boy Scouts. Phil doesn’t do this for a paycheck or recognition. He gives up his time to volunteer at Prince George 900 in Prince George County, Virginia, a Boy Scout Institution.

“I help anybody,” Phil said. “I try to do the best I can. Give your best.”

Over the forty years that Phil has been volunteering, he has put his time and energy into preparing every boy in his care for the world ahead.

“He has a good heart and he is trying to help the community and all,” 12-year-old Boy Scout Jacob Lively said.

“I can say he probably does something for the Boys Scouts every single day of his life,” commented Boy Scout Leader Rhonda Hannuksela.

Members of the Boy Scout community have had great things to say about Phil and it really is no secret to him, but one event really shook Phil to his knees. It wasn’t the great things that his peers and pupils said to him or the thanks that he gets on a daily basis.

What shook him to his core was a letter that he received from Attorney Steve Armstrong. Steve was a former Eagle Scout that had learned from Phil nearly 30 years before.

The letter that came in the mail that brought this Army vet to tears gave praise to all that he did for Steve 30 years prior.

“I just sent him a note to let him know that there are still boys out there that remember what he did for us,” Armstrong said. “The fact that he is still involved speaks volumes to his dedication. He was always there for the scout. He was always there for the troop.”

The 45-year-old attorney said that he wants to be an example for his kids just like Phil was to him. All Phil wants from this venture is to help. He stated it perfectly,

“You try to help these kids and when you get something like this they appreciate it.”

Phil Hagerich not only fought for this country but now he is changing and shaping the lives of the young men of this world. Like and SHARE if you think Phil is doing something great!