Linda Hoffman of Placentia, left, and Goodwill processing associate Caitlin Mulvihill, right, hold up a dress shirt that Hoffman's husband accidentally donated to Goodwill with $8000 in the pocket last Tuesday. Hoffman's husband was secretly saving money in hopes of taking her on a surprise trip to Italy. Monday, February 13, 2017. (Photo by Nick Agro, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Bob Hoffman has been secretly putting money away for the past 6 years and hiding it in the pocket of one of his shirts. He had been saving the money to surprise his wife with a vacation. And one day, he realized that his shirt, was gone.

His wife Linda, was unaware of his plan, and tossed the shirt into the pile of clothes she was donating to Goodwill. Bob realized it was missing two days later, and was terrified.

Leaving him no choice, he had to go and tell his wife, and the two then went to the Goodwill and begged the staff there to track down the shirt.

“We get tons of clothes through every day, so it’s kind of miraculous we were able to find it,” said Caitlin Mulvihill, a worker from the Goodwill.

Mulvihill got to work that morning when she was told immediately to search for the mans salmon-colored long sleeve shirt.

But the chances of finding the shirt were slim, since it had already been a few days since it was sent to the Goodwill.

“My heart kind of leapt. Okay, maybe this is it,” said Mulvihill.

And sure enough, in the pile, was the shirt will the $8,000 he had saved in the pocket. They were so grateful they were able to find the shirt, with the money still inside. And we hope that they can now go on their much needed vacation.

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