When the risk of pregnancy became to high for Maggie Paxton, her lifelong dream of being a mother seemed to be crushed. The doctors had told her that it could increase the progression of her breast cancer. But her sister stepped in and saved the day.

Morgan Williams, Maggie’s sister, has been by her side through everything, including the cancer and chemotherapy. But now, she was going to do something that would help Maggie with her dream. She was going to be Maggie’s surrogate.

Doctors placed two embryos in Morgan, and then they waited. Until they got the news, that Morgan was indeed, pregnant. But that wasn’t all. She was pregnant with twins!

Morgan carried and delivered Maggie’s twin girls, proving to everyone that their sisterly bond is unbreakable.

“I couldn’t protect her from the cancer, so if I could do this, this way, then that was my way of, I guess, protecting her,” said Williams.

The twin girls were born healthy and happy, and Maggie and her husband were there for the birth of her children. We are so glad that things turned out alright, and we hope that one day soon, Maggie will be cancer free. We think what Morgan did for Maggie was remarkable, do you too? Then SHARE this post!