The world can so often feel very cold, does it not? So many people milling about minding their own business and if something does happen that the public is interested in, they usually seem to film it on their phones instead of helping.

I think because of that, the smallest little move of warmth towards another human being has much more impact.

It certainly had plenty of impact for one woman who received awful news while out shopping.

It was Black Friday. A day that is famous for bringing out two distinctly different kinds of people. There are those that feed off of the energy and excitement and chaos that massively slashed prices afford, and then there are those that create that energy.

Angel was minding her own business, trying to score some good deals without being socked in the face when her phone rang. That might as well be all there is to that part of the story because the rest would be a mindless blur.

Angel’s mother had died, at only 57-years-old.

Angel (left) and Her Mother

She fell to the floor, sitting on a bottom shelf, and began to weep uncontrollably.

But then something miraculous happened. A stranger saw Angel in a desolate ball of despair and instead of leaving her be, came over and sat next to her.

The woman put her arms around Angel and together they sat there for five minutes straight hugging and crying.

Afterwards, they went their separate ways; it occurred to her that she didn’t get the woman’s name. A few days later her desire to meet the stranger under different circumstances and thank her again drove her to search.

She asked a group she was part of on Facebook for help and she got the response she hoped for. The woman’s sister identified her as Stephanie and described their side of the story.

Stephanie saw Angel sitting there hopelessly pouring out her emotions; the sight of which filled her with compassion. She had to make a move to help in any way she could.

It would seem like nothing, but that hug was exactly the thing that was needed.

The pair reunited at the funeral home where they had the opportunity to again hold each other and cry. This time, with a bit of a different, more joyous attitude.

Angel noted about the moment on Black Friday,

“That hug meant the world to me. It made me feel like people actually still care.”

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Article via: USA Today