Millions of us have seen the video of the hero that dove under the water and miraculously pulled a woman out of her sunken red convertible.  Then he went back down under the murky Louisiana floodwaters and even rescued her little white dog “Sassy”!

The woman was Hailey Brouillette and the video at the bottom of the page details her reunion with here hero – David Phung. If you didn’t see the original rescue, check out the video below!

Hailey had heard David’s voice during the rescue, but she had never even seen his face.  When they finally met she said, “I know I don’t know you, but I love you,” Brouillette, 53, said as she hugged and thanked the man she called her “angel” and “savior.”

David Phung humbly replied, “It was nothing.  It’s just who we are in Louisiana. We help people in times of need.  I was put in that place to help her out.”

Millions of us who watched the rescue video disagree, it wasn’t nothing, it was amazing!

When David couldn’t smash the window in Hailey’s car, he used his bare hands to rip through the top of her car.  He grabbed Brouillette by her arms just as the car disappeared from sight into the brown water.  When Hailey yelled, “Get my dog!,” David went back under and grabbed the dog.

The reunion between Hailey and David was arranged by a Red Cross volunteer who befriended Brouillete after the flooding.  The high waters not only almost took her life, it took her car and her home with all of her belongings.

David Phung brought with him for the reunion all kinds of supplies and even some dog food for “Sassy.”

Hailey not only credits David with her rescue but God as well.

“He (God) saved my life,” she said. “I don’t even know if I’m worth saving. I guess God said, ‘Yeah.'”

When their time together was coming to an end, Brouillette gave David her phone number and hugged him one more time.

“And if I can ever do anything for you, let me know,” she said.