When a Baton Rouge police officer was being assaulted at a traffic stop, Vickie Williams-Tillman knew she could not jut sit back and watch.

Vickie was on her way to run some errands when she came to a traffic stop, and noticed an officer on the side of the road engaged in a heated conversation with a man outside of his car.

As Officer Billy Amie was securing the man in handcuffs, the driver became aggressive towards him. Vickie was watching this all go down as she was getting ready to pass, and after she saw the man become aggressive, she began to brake and rolled down her window to see if the officer needed help.

But before the officer had a chance to answer, she saw the man leap forward towards the officer and began beating him. He took the officers baton, and beat him in the head with it. Vickie refused to just watch this take place right in front of her.

So instead of just watching, she jumped out of her car, and jumped onto the suspects back.

“Risking her own safety she jumped out of her vehicle, and onto the back of the 28 year old assailant. Ms.Williams-Tillman was able to help hold off the assailant until other officers arrived,” said the Baton Rouge Police Department in a statement.

Suspect Thomas Bennett, who assaulted Officer Amie…

The police department has declared Williams-Tillman a true hero, and we couldn’t agree with them more. Vickie has said, “I’m just so happy, lost for words. I’m just so glad of the turnout. I know God led me in that direction when I left my home.”

Officer Amie was then taken to a hospital where he was treated and then released later in the day. The suspect was arrested when the the second officer arrived on the scene and hit him with a stun gun. He has been taken to Parish Prison on various charges, including possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

The police department is so impressed with her actions, and couldn’t believe that she was brave enough to do what she did.

“I can’t tell you…how much courage and how much bravery that took for you to get out of your car. We are indebted to you…And we’re going to see if we can recruit her,” said the police department. We are so glad that everything turned out to be all right, and no one was severely injured.

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