For Valentines Day this year, this girl isn’t giving out flowers, chocolates or love letters. Nope. She’s handing out books to complete strangers to celebrate Book Giving Day, which falls on the same day.

On February 14th, Ruth Duncan will be leaving kid’s books wrapped in shiny and sparkly wrapping paper in places where a child can pick them up. Places like a doctor’s waiting room, cafes and even bus stops.

Duncan has said that the day is about getting books into the hands of as many children possible, knowing that for at least one child, sadly it will be the first book they ever received.

“It is organized completely by volunteers around the world who wanted to share the happiness that diving into a book can bring,” wrote Duncan.

She had done this many times before, but igniting a child’s interest in reading makes everything worth it, which is why she continues to do so.

“If I can ignite just one child’s enjoyment of turning the pages of a book and exploring the world inside a book, then I’ve spread some lasting love,” Duncan wrote.

We think that this is an awesome way to spread some love on Valentine’s Day…and Book Giving Day. We hope that they are successful, and can’t wait to hear about the outcome! Do you think this is a cute idea? Then SHARE this post!