Jennifer Dixon, her mom (Marvis), and her niece were all driving down Harrisburg Pike when they experienced a once in a lifetime event. As they approached a rather dark turn, the car in front of them just lost control and flipped into the air (Video below).

The car caught on fire as it landed on the side embankment. Within moments it seemed like the whole thing was engulfed in flames. Jennifer immediately threw her car in park and ran to the flaming vehicle to attempt a rescue.


“All I kept thinking to myself is, ‘These are kids in this car,’ which they were. They were 18 and 19, so they were kids.’” Jennifer told WGAL. “And I just was determined to help get them out.”

Jennifer only knew one thing to do, so she began to kick out the window with all the might she could bare. The first kick seemed to do nothing, but it’s funny how adrenaline will kick in and you won’t quit. Jennifer kicked at the window three times before it shattered before her.

Instantaneously, she was on the ground pulling out the first person. When she got him out, Marvis, the mother, noticed his legs were on fire so she grabbed her jacket and smothered his legs until it was extinguished.


During the first rescue sequence, a neighbor heard the crash and came running out. He was working on getting the second person out while Jennifer got out the other. Both were successfully freed from the wreckage, but both are suffering severe injuries.

Although Jennifer never officially talked to these two people, she hopes to meet them in the hospital once they fully recover! LOVES sharing stories like these with you so SHARE this story with your friends!