If it had not been for the immediate action of a young Canadian boy, no one in the house would have survived.

David Smith was the only person awake in his house as he FaceTimed with his father one night. Some time into the conversation he noticed something odd in the corner of the screen that faced him. It didn’t take him long to realize that what he saw was fire, nor did it take him long to jump to his feet.

Straight up to his mother, Marcy’s, bedroom he went and woke her up. They moved quickly, not being able to take much with them, but they got out of the danger just in time.

No sooner did they get outside, the house went up like it was made of paper mache. Unfortunately, the dog and cats did not make it.

“Within seconds of him getting us up, the flames were everywhere,” Mrs. Smith said during an interview with Canadian news network.

“It happened so fast. We were standing in the kitchen by the wood stove and the flames just ate around me and David. The entire kitchen just disappeared while we were standing in it.”

According to Mrs. Smith, the fire originated from a trash fire she had started earlier, just as she had done a thousand times prior. This time something went wrong and somehow the fire alarm did not go off.

She says that her son does not quite understand the magnitude of what he has done. He just thinks of it as what should have been done. The true scope of it is that even the smallest actions can lead to big impacts or avoid catastrophe.

She believes that if not for him, no one would have made it out.

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