A dog isn’t just “man’s best friends”… sometimes a dog has to be a “dog’s best friends” too.  That was the case for Sammie, a 4-month-old boxer puppy who arrived at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC after experiencing horrible abuse.  Sammie was literally fighting for his life when the good folks at the NYC rescue picked him up from a shelter in South Carolina.

Simon had been spray-painted, shot in the head and dragged behind a car before being rescued.  He not only had a serious head injury, but two broken legs and was at a high risk for infection.  “We are so angered by this story it’s hard to find the right words,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC said.  They knew that they would have to act fast to save this puppy’s life.

Credit: https://www.facebook.com

The good people of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC not only saved Sammie’s life, but another dog named Simon as well.  He was being treated for a terrible case of the mange.  When Simon saw Sammie suffering, he walked to his table and offered Sammie his paw.  Then he gently touched Sammie’s paw with his nose.

“Sammie accepted Simon’s touch and was grateful for the love and affection Simon showed him,” the rescue organization added. “Simon would go to Sammie’s kennel to comfort him and play with him and sit with him often.”

Through the care of doctors as well as the compassion of a friend like Simon, Sammie is now on the mend.  Because of his injuries to his legs, Sammie’s back leg will be a bit shorter than normal.  But his overall prognosis is very good.  Simon recovered from the mange and found a forever home in New Jersey.

Credit: https://www.facebook.com

The story of Simon and Sammie’s abuse and eventual friendship helped fund a campaign for their medical bills.  In fact, they received $10,000 more than their goal.  So there now is ready resources for the next animals that need care and maybe even the compassion of a good friend.

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