We are all well aware that man’s best friend is a dog. There is just something special about the companionship between a man and his pup. The special bond that comes with that companionship comes with a lifelong commitment.

In most circumstances, humans often outlive the pup. But not in this case. Meet Mollie and Ryan. Ryan and Mollie, his pup, were the best of friends. Mollie and he shared that unbreakable bond and companionship.

Ryan woke up one day as if it was any other morning: wake up, get ready for the day, go to work, and love life. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary that day.

Until he got a sudden headache. He thought it was a typical headache; A Migraine if you will.  But it was much worse than a migraine. Many will ask, what is worse than that? The awful sensitivity to light, the throbbing head, and nausea.

What could be worse? A cerebral hemorrhage. Bleeding in the brain that caused Ryan to slip into a coma. When a critical error in the system like this happens, a coma is our body’s natural way of healing.

That coma may have been a way for Ryan’s body to recover, but shortly after he slipped into the unconscious state, his family realized that he would never come back. The hemorrhage had done too much damage to his brain.

The family had made the decision to allow Ryan to rest in peace.

But one person that would never understand the situation? Mollie. The last thing Mollie knew was her owner going about life with her as always. She had no idea where he had gotten to.

Instead of allowing Ryan to pass without letting Mollie say goodbye, the hospital allowed for one last visit with her faithful friend.

When Mollie encountered Ryan again, it was in the bed of the hospital with all the tubes and wires. When dogs sense that something is wrong with their owners, they tend to be anxious and fearful.

Mollie’s last encounter was anything but anxious or fearful. She smelled him, touched him with her wet nose, and said her goodbyes. She may not have understood the magnitude of what was happening with her owner, but at least she got to say goodbye.

Ryan’s family assured everyone that Mollie would have a forever home with them.

His sister, Michelle, wrote on Facebook, “Don’t worry about the dog! We’re keeping her!!! She’s part of the family.”

This hospital did the right thing after they learned that this family made the tough decision to say goodbye to Ryan. If you think they’re great for allowing Mollie to say goodbye to her best friend, please like and SHARE this with your family and friends!

Source: en.newsner.com