It’s highly likely you have heard the stories of brave rescues, terrible sacrifices, and amazing compassion surrounding the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

It brought fear into thousands of hearts as it ravaged through cities and homes, once thought to be safe and comfortable by those living there. For those that were not impacted, think of it this way.

You work all day and go home. You leave for business or vacation and return home. You run to the store and come back home. Home is your sanctuary.

The idea of having a place we can go that we can call our home is vital to the survival of humanity. It allows you to rest your mind from the weary tasks of everyday life. You can change into your most comfortable clothes and relax when you arrive at your abode.

“Home is where the heart is” is a phrase that is often posted on embroidered pillows or artsy pictures on walls. It can have a variety of meanings for every person but one main idea holds true: home is where love is shared and relationships are grown.

It is breeding grounds for dreams and inspiration.

Then one day, a storm you can’t control threatens everything you hold dear within your walls. You can’t stop it. You can’t reason with it. You can’t hide from it.

A storm bringing water that creeps through every crack it can squeeze itself into, invading your privacy and safety. Like a snake inviting itself into the burrow of a mouse, the water makes itself an unwelcome guest in your home, bringing all the grime that you try so hard to leave outside your door.

It destroys the place that held your memories, burying your food and belongings in a watery grave you could not avoid.

Then there is the wind; wind that tests the durability of the walls meant to keep harm out. Many have watched helplessly as the wind ripped their homes, their towns, their businesses, and their livelihoods to pieces.

The place that held your safety and your comfort, taken right out from under you and there is nothing you can do about it.

This has been the experience for so many residents along the coastal areas, including Houston, of southern Texas. Thousands were evacuated, some hours away, to find shelter in unfamiliar areas and public buildings.

Now, as flood waters just barely begin to recede, the rebuilding process has begun. The resolve of people whose lives have been changed forever is astounding.

Determination takes a firm hold inside those beginning to take back their homes, starting from scratch as if they never had anything to begin with.

A nation comes together in support of those who have lost so much. Donations of vital supplies pour in as trucks and helicopters bring tons of drinking water and food.

The effort of church groups and other organizations putting together fundraisers and restoration crews is an incredible process to watch. We will rebuild Houston and her surrounding areas.

We will come together to raise homes from the mud and restore peace for those that have been forced into the chaos.

Thank you to the US Coast Guard, local police forces, Armed Forces, and civilian heroes who have risked their lives for friends, families, and strangers. You inspire us to press on and pay forward the kindness and generosity you have put forth.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

We will rebuild.

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Article via Nightly News, ESPN, and U.S. Coast Guard