My parents used to often say that when they’d tell me how to do something, it would go in one ear and right out the other. To be fair, this was often true as I’m pretty sure we can all admit, little boys have very selective hearing.

A New Jersey couple has been surprised how much information is actually retained after their 8-year-old son Sterling saved the life of his 22-month-old brother, Grainger.

Ben and Essence Blake share a common desire that many parents do, they want their kids to have the knowledge and skill to be safe and keep others as such. So, while they were hanging out together, Ben explained to Sterling what he should do if he ever finds a baby choking.

Being that this knowledge could potentially be pertinent to their situation, Ben told his eldest son that if a baby is choking, you hit him on the back with the bottom of the palm of your hand. Sort of in an up-and-in motion.

If an adult is choking, hug them from behind – holding the wrist of your other hand – and pull sharply in and up.

Ben hoped that this information would never need to come to fruition in his son’s life, but better to have the knowledge and not need it, than to not have it and need it.

Two days later, Sterling needed it and used it.

Grainger just grabbed a quarter and shoved it in his mouth. A handful of seconds and a rigid-edged coin was lodged in the baby’s throat. He began gasping for breath and coughing as his brain desperately tried to convey a need to survive to the rest of his small body.

Sterling sprang to his little brother and the newly acquired knowledge moved forefront into his mind. He did just as his father told him.

Up out of the child’s throat came the coin, and out of his eyes flowed a stream of tears. It was over and he could breathe again.

Ben was at work when he got the call from his wife. Excitedly she told him what had just transpired, but her first words have stuck with him,

“Sterling just saved Grainger!”

Washington Township Police honored Sterling for his bravery

The young parents couldn’t be prouder of their children. The commitment to teaching their children basic first-aid has paid off. Also, Sterling really has a sturdy head on his shoulders!

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Article via: CBS 2