How could you not love this little Chihuahua?

Elaine Seamans volunteers at Baldwin Park Shelter in Los Angeles, California, where she also runs At-Choo Foundation. Her organization is designed to help pay for shelter dogs’ medical bills.

One day she came across photos of a 14-year-old blind Chihuahua named Jelly. Jelly was in some rough shape. Her previous owner gave her up to Baldwin Park Shelter where she found it difficult to adjust, being blind and partially deaf.

Elaine’s heart melted when she saw the dog so she decided to see how friendly she was. She gently placed her hand on Jelly’s head. The old dog never flinched or shied away, so she started to pet her. Still, the dog seemed perfectly at ease so Elaine picked her up. Immediately Jelly pressed into her chest and no matter what position she moved to, the dog stayed right there.

“I wasn’t prepared for how incredibly trusting and sweet she was,” Elaine commented. “She needed love, and to hear and feel a heartbeat of someone holding her.”

Unfortunately, Ms. Seamans was not able to adopt Jelly, but she was determined to find this one the best home possible. She posted pictures on Facebook where Carlynne McDonnell, founder and CEO of Barkee Laroux’s House of Love Animal Sanctuary, soon found them.

Carlynne felt right away that she had to do something for Jelly. Her medical conditions needed attention but she couldn’t leave the poor dog there.

She wasn’t in a good position to pay for Jelly’s vet bills, though. A skin condition, cataracts, ear inflammation, a heart murmur, dental issues, plus the beginnings of a kidney disease all plagued her. Carlynne knew these would rack up some hefty charges.

Then, At-Choo Foundation stepped forward and offered to take care of Jelly’s medical bills in exchange for Carlynne taking her home. She agreed and packed up to drive two hours to pick Jelly up.

Immediately upon first meeting, Carlynne’s heart melted for Jelly. She had originally planned to foster her, but this was too much. She had to adopt.

“I knew the moment I touched her. There was no doubt in my mind that she was never going to leave my house,” McDonnell said. “She was going to stay with me in my house and be cared for.”

Jelly seems to be loving her new home, too! Carlynne noted that Jelly getting acquainted with her new surroundings was a gradual process being that she can’t see and can barely hear. Despite the challenges, she seems to be comfortable with them now.

She says that watching Jelly familiarize herself is the greatest reward for anything in the world!

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