This couple had no idea that while they were out on a brisk winter stroll, they would perform a rescue that saved a stray cats life.  While walking, a husband and wife noticed a fluffy cat sitting in the snow.  They grew curious as to why the cat, with frozen whiskers, wasn’t moving a muscle.  Even as they got closer to the cat, it didn’t move, it didn’t even seem to flinch.


When they tried to lift the cat out of the snow, it wouldn’t move.   That’s when they realized it had been frozen in place.  The cat’s paws were frozen in a puddle and it could not move.  If the couple hadn’t strolled by and approached the cat, it surely would have died from hyperthermia.

The heroes immediately moved into action to save the cat and the terrified animal was perfectly willing to let them do whatever they wanted.  It was a matter of survival.  They quickly got a bucket filled with warm water and slowly poured it over the cats legs.  After a few tries, the paws became unfrozen and the cat was able to be picked up out of the snow and ice.  They immediately wrapped the cat up in a warm blanket.  The cat seemed to respond with gratitude.

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Source: Frozen Kitty Gets Second Chance by ViralHog on Rumble