Lacey Rae Gray had no idea what she was getting herself into when she made the quick decision to adopt an orphaned calf. And certainly didn’t know the strong bond the calf and her two-year-old daughter Kinley would have.

It first started when Gray’s friends kept tagging her in photos of photoshoot this photographer had done with a little girl and a calf. They thought she should do something similar with her daughter, since Gray was a photographer herself.

So after some thought, Gray decided to call her husbands uncle, who owns cows, and ask if she would be able to borrow a calf.

“He started laughing at me and said, ‘No, you can’t talk a calf away from her mama, because that mama is gonna be one mad cow,” said Gray explaining the conversation with the uncle.

But it only took one day, and Gray received a call. And it wasn’t a happy one, nor one she was expecting. The calf’s mother suffered a bad fall, and she wasn’t going to make it. And that’s when he asked the shocking question.

He asked Gray if they would want to adopt the calf, who would need bottle fed.

“I immediately said yes. I was at the bank and I was like, ‘I’ll leave right now and come get her. I’ll take good care of her.’ Not even having pictures in mind, I just thought ‘I’m gonna rescue a calf and I’m gonna be her mom. I’ll do it,” said Gray.

Kinely bottle feeding the calf…

And it’s when they brought the calf home, that they realized Kinely would end up being more of the mother figure to the calf, who they had named Molly Moo Moo.

Kinely and Molly quickly connected, and now Kinely cried when they have to leave Molly at home, and joins her parents for every feeding. Kinely will just walk right up to her and sit down, and rub her feet, and kiss her ears and nose.

“The moment I really noticed the connection between the two, we were doing a trial photoshoot. It was muddy and Molly wouldn’t sit down, so we put Kinely next to her and she just plopped down and started licking all over Kinley. I couldn’t stop taking pictures because of that connection, that friendship. You could just see that Molly trusted her,” Gray said.

Kinely and Molly Moo Moo…

The family has said that they estimate that Molly will only live with them for about a year, and in the meantime they will prepare her to return home to the pasture she came from.

But even when she returns back to the farm, which is just a few minutes down the road, Kinley and Molly have a precious relationship, and they just know that the cow is going to be in their lives forever.

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