When pictures of a poor abandoned toddler were posted on the internet last year, he took the world by storm. And now, he looks completely different, and his recovery is AMAZING!

The starving toddler was found last year after he had been left by his parents who had thought he was a witch. But Anja Ringgren Loven thought. differently, and saved his life.

Anja had been on a rescue mission with her Nigerian team when she came across the boy, who has been named Hope, looking for scraps to eat.

She grabbed him up, and gave him some water, and the photo of the boy, starved to a point where you could see his skeletal frame and was worm-ridden, quickly went viral.

Anja took him to the hospital to get treated for the worms and blood transfusions that would save his life. She had raised $1 million in donations from across the world that helped pay for this little buy’s medical bills.

And then just eight weeks later, he had already improved, and had gained weight and was playing with other children.

Anja is the founder of a refuge named African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation, which she had created in the attempt to aid neglected children who need help.

Anja and her husband fun the center, and have even decided to build their own orphanage to provide care for more abandoned children.

And now, just one year later, little Hope will be starting his first year of school, and is super excited! And we are too! We are so glad to see how well Hope is doing, and how big he has gotten since being rescued! We hope he continues to make progress.

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