If you have never been to the ocean, you are missing out. It is a truly incredible place of all sorts of sensations. Wonderful smells of the salty air and crisp sand. The feeling of said sand on your feet and the cold waves. Then there are the curious creatures.

One such creature was found by a man spending some time at the beach. He walked along enjoying the day until he came across a “fish” out of water. Okay, not actually a fish but a small octopus, curled up and all alone.

The little guy must’ve gotten stranded while swimming in the warm shallows. It probably felt amazing to be streaming through the current, that is until the current pulled back out to sea with the tide.

The kind man couldn’t leave the tiny critter stranded in the sand to die, so he found a clean container. Next, he filled it with some water and scooped Mr. Octopus up in it. He carefully carried him over to the shallow water and lowered the container in. Finally, he slowly turned it over until the little guy was submerged and free.

A few tense seconds followed as nothing happened. Then, his gills began to move, expanding and contracting as it pulled deep breaths of water into itself. It stayed motionless aside from breathing for quite some time.

Gradually the octopus regained his strength and started to move around. As he gathered himself together, you could see him change color and become blended with the sand. Just when it looked as if he was going to swim away and join his friends in the ocean, he does something miraculous.

The little fellow comes back to his kind rescuer. He glides slowly across the sand beneath the man’s feet and places a tentacle on his boot. It’s as if he just wants to show his gratitude for a second chance.

“Thank you for saving me, good sir,” you can just hear him say.

He stays for a little while in an amazing connection between man and beast. Then he goes on his merry way, a song no doubt playing on his little heart.

You have to see this awesome video!

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