Maybe you have heard of people taking the “Polar Plunge?”  I did this last January in Ocean City, NJ. Two of my children and I joined 500 local residents who ran into the freezing waters of the ocean on a cold winter Saturday.  It didn’t “count” unless you went all the way under.  Let’s just say. . .I won’t do it again!


Well, this is a story of a very real “Polar Plunge!”  Nora the young polar bear has found a new home at the Oregon Zoo.  She was rescued from a mother who refused to care for her.  Polar bear births are very rare.  They are born blind and weigh less than a pound.  Baby polar bears only have a 50% chance of survival.  But Nora has not only survived, but she is thriving and bringing great joy to all who see her!

Polar Bear Cub Gets Her Name – Meet Nora!

You can’t help but smile when you see Nora plunge into her own pool of ice.  But she is not just entertaining, she is also going to help researchers learn more on how sea-ice loss affects polar bears in the wild.  This young lady has a whole lot to look forward to in her future!  Soon she will meet an older polar bear named Tasul (31-years-old).  Those who care for these bears are hoping that Tasul will show her the ropes and provide friendship.

Looks like there’s going to be even more joy as these bears “plunge” into the future!  After you enjoy this video of Nora, please share it with your friends!