Big brothers are truly a blessing in life. They are always there to protect you when things go bad. Granted, they will probably pick on younger siblings, but when push comes to shove, they’ve got your back.

Bentley and his Aunt

Five-year-old Bentley got into that push comes to shove situation when a dog came up and attacked him and his brother. The attack was extremely vicious, but if it wasn’t for Bentley’s brother, Jaxon, the outcome would have been much worse.

Bentley was bit on his bottom, his foot was slashed open, and he was bit on the cheek. But all that was because his brother Jaxon, 15, stepped in. “Jason had thrown Bentley onto a garbage can, and the pit bull had latched down on to Jaxon’s leg,” Destiny Fontan, the boy’s aunt said. “I heard my baby’s bones cracking, I seen the inside of his leg.”

Mark Philbrick, neighbor who hit dog with shovel

The attack was the most vicious pit bull attack first responders had ever seen. Thankfully, next door neighbor Mark Philbrick witnessed the entire thing and sprang into action. “I just picked up a shovel and started hitting the dog. I hit the dog again about two or three more times in the head, and the dog finally went back in the house,” Philbrick told WLOX.

Jaxon is recovering at Oschner Meidcal Center and actually fighting to keep his legs. But thanks to his actions kept his little brother relatively unscathed. Bentley even had a message for his older brother, “I already told him, I love him.”

The dog has not been euthanized yet, but what we’d really like to see is how the owner of the dog is treating it. It’s more than likely that the reason this pit bull is aggressive is because of the people behind it. Please donate to the GoFundMe account that has been set up for the boy’s recovery and medical costs.

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Article via WLOX