I am constantly amazed by the words and actions of our youngsters. 12-year-old Brayden Armstrong is one example.

This fine young man is being deemed a hero by his own family and the family of the child’s life he saved.

Brayden is an avid wrestling fan. So much so that his family took him to wrestling camp at Central Michigan University.

“It’s just really exhilarating. It takes a lot of technique,” he said when asked how he feels about wrestling.

It was the beginning of the wrestling season. Brayden’s family had gotten a room at the local Days Inn in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Earlier in the day on Tuesday he had enjoyed a refreshing time in the pool at the hotel.

He had gone off to continue his day until that afternoon when he remembered he had forgotten some of his clothes down at the pool when he was there earlier.

Brayden walked down to the pool, not suspecting anything out of the ordinary as he followed another kid. He was just about there when he saw the little boy in front of him stop abruptly and stare.  He reached the pool and immediately forgot all about his clothes.

It took him a second but Brayden soon realized what the other boy was staring at. It was the body of a three-year-old boy. The child’s head was underwater but his body just hung suspended on the surface.

The little boy Brayden followed down to the pool was clearly freaked out because he didn’t hang around for long. The little kid ran away but just as he did, something snapped Brayden into high gear. He jumped in the water, pulled the unresponsive child out, and carried him to the hallway. Here the child’s mother performed CPR on her son until he began breathing and crying.

Here the child’s mother arrived just in time to perform CPR on her own son until he began breathing and crying.

According to Isabella County Sheriff Mike Main, the three-year-old is believed to have been underwater for at least two minutes, which is quite some time if you think about it. It kind of adds to the miraculousness of this rescue.

Brayden’s mother is overwhelmed with what her son has accomplished. She says it’s a little hard to wrap her head around what he actually did. “I’m really impressed with what he did, kind of made me cry.”

She continued by trying to comfort the mother of the three-year-old that Brayden saved. She says she would feel the same way if the roles were reversed. The fact of the matter is that kids wander off and she’s just glad her son was there to prevent a catastrophe.

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