Army medic Spc. James McCloughan is the first person to receive the Medal of Honor from President Trump.

“President Donald Trump will be putting that on me for the first time in his experience of doing such a thing. That’s pretty special,” McCloughan commented.

He is awarded the prestigeous award for his valiant efforts over seas in Vietnam especially during the Battle of Hui Yon Hill in 1969.

Despite giving up his weapon, watching bullets whizz by – skipping up off the ground, he pressed on getting his men to safety. Two RPGs exploded not far from him, one of which left him with a feeling like “a real bad sting” in his back and legs.

Shrapnel embedded in his skin causing him to bleed quite profusely. However, as long as he could still move, he pressed on until every man was out. Then he stayed the rest of the day and the next to take care of his comrades and fight along with them.

He was given three separate opportunities by a captain to evacuate the area to seek medical treatment for his wounds but he refused. McCloughan did not want to leave the men he had just saved. The comradery that they had formed was full of all sorts of emotions, none of which any man felt was giving up.

There were many times he stayed with his men to rescue them, treat their wounds, and defend them from the enemy. At one point he even knocked out an enemy RPG position with a grenade before it could take out him and his men.

By definition, the Medal of Honor is given to military members who show exceptional valor and go above and beyond the call of duty for his country and fellow soldiers. This indeed describes the actions of an exceptional combat medic.

He has been previously awarded the U.S. Army Valorous Unit Citation, two Bronze Stars, the Combat Medical Badge, the National Defense Medal, and two Purple Hearts. All these accolades are very well deserved because he always put his men before himself in every event.

When he left the Army in 1970 he spent many years coaching football, baseball, and wrestling at the South Haven High School as well as teaching sociology and psychology.

Last year the Defense Secretary recommended that McCloughan be awarded the Medal of Honor, but Congress needed to pass a bill waiving the time limit. Normally the Medal of Honor must be awarded withing five years of the recipients actions; thus McCloughan would normally have no longer been eligable.

I firmly believe Mr. McCloughan deserves every recognition he has received and I am thankful he is getting it. Know a veteran you want to recognize? TAG him or her in the comments below and of course LIKE our page for more!