Terri Pellman wasn’t looking for a fourth dog to add to her family, but this dog was an exception.

For the past four years, Terri would drive past a field near her home, and see the stray dog in the field. The dog was well known, but nobody could ever get close enough to catch it. The dog would just run away into the woods.

The County Animal Control Center was contacted numerous times, but they never had any luck. Rumor had it that the dog belonged to a homeless man who died, and was unwilling to leave the spot where it happened.

Residents nearby, Gary Claybourn and his family, would leave water and food for the dog, and even built a little shelter. But even after that, the dog continued to keep her distance.

Pellman decided she had enough, and was going to befriend the dog to help her out. For the first month, the dog did what she always did, and ran away. But Pellman was persistent.

No matter the weather, Pellman would go and sit down in the field, and inch her way closer to the dog.

“Eventually she quit running away, but would not let me near her,” said Pellman.

Then 5 weeks into the little rescue project, she caught a break. A car had flown by, distracting the dog, and Pellman was able to get closer to the dog than ever before.

The next few times she went out, the dog continued to let her get closer, and then it happened. She eventually let Pellman pet her.

Pellman and dog Sandy…

“It just got better and better to the point she would follow me. I could pet her, but she still would never walk back with me,” commented Pellman.

Then it came time. January 11th, Pellman decided it was now or never, and went out to the field, grabbed the dog, and carried her over to the truck. The dog didn’t growl once.

Pellman took the dog, now named Sandy, home where she was cleaned and fed. She didn’t take long adjusting to living in a home, and got along well with the other animals in the house.

The dog had been micro-chipped, and so Pellman called the owner who lives in Bloomington, and he had told her that he had gotten the dog from the Animal Protective League and had her for 3 days, before she got loose and ran away.

Pellman has no idea why Sandy trusts her. Sandy remains timid, but will let strangers pet her. Pellman said she will continue to care for Sandy, but is open to her being adopted by a new family, under the right circumstances of course.

We are glad Sandy allowed Pellman to get closer to her, and take her home. We hope She continues to improve and do well at the house. SHARE this post if you think this story is heartwarming, because it definitely warmed ours!